The beast inside the Eva is free at last.

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has this been done yet

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thanks to my father for being a god awful man now when men pay me special attention i get freaked out

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aaaaa precious Legion

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This headline and article had me fuming. They focus the readers attention on appearance again - rather than the good the person (in this case, Anne) is doing. I think it’s disgusting how newspapers pick us up on little details such as our makeup - rather that just report good deeds. Does anyone remember seeing the articles about the actress who saved people from drowning, yet all they focused on was her nipples that slipped out as she pulled them from the water?

Stop focusing on appearance and forming your articles in such a fashion to gain attention, it belittles the good that others do.

We really need to mention her lack of make-up? Really? She flew to Tennessee to spend the day with patient’s in a children’s hospital. Let’s focus on that.


My favorite pokemon are latinas and latinos image